Warlord Rising (Warlord, Book 1)

Warlord Rising (Warlord, Book 1) - Michales Joy Based on Reaper Miniatures Warlord game, but you don't need to be familiar with that to enjoy a good fantasy novel.
Different groups of characters and races find themselves on the same trail as strange things are afoot in the land of Taltos.

The characters are well defined, plenty of action and side quests going on until all the pieces come together at the end. While there is a definite finish to this novel, it also leaves a few threads hanging, showing that this is the start of a series. (Only two in it, the other being Warlord Revenge).

If you are familiar with the game on which this is based, you'll realise the author has thrown in every faction possible, sometimes it seems just because they are in the game, even if they only appear for a brief paragraph.

Formatting on the Kindle edition is non-existent, causing you to be reading then come up against "Chapter xx" in the same font and size on the next line (not even a blank line), which occasionally throws the flow of the book off.

Overall, a good read but the formatting lets it down.