War Storm

War Storm - Nick Kyme, Guy Haley, Joshua   Reynolds Games Workshop wipe out the original Warhammer Fantasy world in a bid to force people into buying new rules and models and give the whole thing a major reboot.

This is a collection of short stories by different authors setting up the new world. Chaos has taken over most of the mortal realms, and Sigmar creates a new breed of heroes to fight for him.

Apart from being Space Marines in a fantasy setting, the names of the units are confusing when you're used to the old names. Also, entire races get renamed - dwarves are now "duardin", elves are "sylvaneth" etc.

The original Warhammer fantasy books could be read and understood, even if you weren't into the game at all, and were good fantasy novels in their own right. This book comes across as an extended battle report but without the nice pictures.
As the first book to set up the new background you can give it some leeway, but it's more of a book for the people who will be playing the new game.