Noonshade - James Barclay Follows on directly from [b:Dawnthief|469208|Dawnthief (Chronicles of the Raven, #1)|James Barclay||2225392].
It doesn't spend any time on a refresher, so if it's been a while since reading that book then it might be an idea to re-read that first.
Even saying that, you soon get up to speed on who's who, and what their roles re.

Following the casting of the Dawnthief spell, there is now a rip to the dragon dimension in the sky above Balaia. The Raven (a mixed group of fighters and wizards) have to travel there to fix it, or else the land will be invaded by dragons. The only problem is the various Wesmen armies betwen them and where they need to be.

Lots of action, and interesting characters. Well written and the pace keeps everything moving along.