Silver Shadows: Song & Swords, Book III

Silver Shadows: Song & Swords, Book III - Elaine Cunningham (3 1/2 stars)

Attacks are being made in the lands of the Forgotten Realms, and by all appearances they're being done by Elves.
Arilyn Moonblade is tasked to find out why by both the Harpers and the Elves.
All is not as it seems and she is soon in the middle of a fight in which her half-elf background could work for or against her.

The main bulk of the story takes place in Tethyr or Tethir, depending on which page you're on (occasionally on the same page). It has good characters (if you ignore the comedy dwarf) and quite a few schemes going on in the background as well as good fight scenes.

It's a bit predictable in places, but this series and author are some of the better D&D novels.