Talon Of The Silver Hawk

Talon Of The Silver Hawk  - Raymond E. Feist Talon of the Silver Hawk is the last surviving member of his tribe after they are wiped out.
Taken in by a group known only as the Conclave of Shadows, he is trained in various modes of combat and spycraft to infiltrate the group behind it.
A good look at his training and how he changes his character to pass as a minor noble.
Although he is working for the Conclave, he still wants revenge on the men who wiped out his people.

Set quite a few years after Magician/Silverthorn and Darkness at Sethanon, it took a while to catch up with some of the more well known characters and the changes in their lives. There are other books in between which will fill those gaps, but it doesn't detract from this being a good story.