Prime Suspects: A Clone Detective Mystery

Prime Suspects: A Clone Detective Mystery - Jim Bernheimer Good sci-fi/cop story, using a new clone as the way to tell the reader about the world.

Daniel 42 is a clone of an ex hot shot cop, along with a whole bunch of other Daniel clones working on the police force.
He's been activated for one reason and has to overcome the original Daniels dislike of clones which is also now part of his mindset.

This reads like a mixture of [b:Morgue Drawer Four|12332266|Morgue Drawer Four (Morgue Drawer, #1)|Jutta Profijt||17311296] and [b:Tek War|3549157|Tek War|William Shatner||586319].
It takes a while to remember all the different clones that are introduced (they all have their own personality, but they're named after the original and have a number added), but overall it's a good read.