Marine Cadet (The Human Legion Book 1)

Marine Cadet (The Human Legion Book 1) - Tim C. Taylor Humans have been turned into the lowest class of beings in the galaxy. They are now bred as cannon fodder, being taught to fight as Marines for their various overlords.

Arun McEwan is one of those marines, and the book is described from his point of view. A fair amount of bad luck seems to follow him around, losing the respect of his team mates but gaining allies in other places.

As hints and clues point him towards what is being done to the humans, he starts to think of a Human Legion, which fights for its own honour.

Similar to Starship Troopers or the Dirigent Mercenary Corps series by Rick Shelley (or just about any military sci fi/marines books), this starts at the boot camp level and explains the way things operate.
The background is interesting, and the chapters flow nicely to keep you turning the page. The characters are well done, their attitudes changing as their bodies and minds are adapted to change from cadets to full fledged marines.