113 Minutes

113 Minutes - James Patterson, Max DiLallo An apt title, as 113 minutes is about the time it took to read this book from start to finish.
The "BookShots" series are short, inexpensive reads, good for a commute or a time filler.
This one deals with the death of a young boy and what his family goes through to come to grips with it.

Gets straight into the action and doesn't let up.
There's a few twists that you don't see coming, which is an advantage with this books short size.
Longer books would foreshadow major events with character development or behaviour, here it slots in nicely to the overall story and is more of a surprise for it.

I won't be rushing to re-read this, and not sure if the twists will be as potent next time around, but will definitely keep it on the shelf to come back to in time.