On Hadrian's Secret Service

On Hadrian's Secret Service - Gavin Chappell Gaius Drusus Flaminius of the 9th Legion is based in Britain during the reign of Hadrian.
Enrolled into the Commisary (a sort of spy network), he is soon privy to a plot to assassinate the emperor.
Finding himself outlawed for this knowledge, and wanted dead or alive (preferably dead), can he ensure the safety of the emperor?

Not a bad book, has interesting characters and moves along at a good pace.
Offers another theory of what may have happened to Legio IX Hispania (their mysterious disappearance in real life makes them a favourite for novellists).

As far as Roman historical fiction goes, this is a good start to a possible series. Although it will most likely be compared against Simon Scarrow's Falco & Cato books that would be a bit unfair. This is a good novel of the genre in its own right.