All that Glitters

All that Glitters - Loren K. Jones A fast-paced debut novel.
A warrior society that is renowned for the quality of men it sends to guard the caravans during the trading season. As they grow up, each boy has to do five tours to earn promotion based on any kills they make.

One of these boys is Stavin, who seems to have a lot thrust upon him as the main character. The start of the story seemed rushed, with everything happening to him, then it settled down as he was taken out on his first tour of duty.

Lots happening, usually involving killing bandits and thieves - makes sense as this is how they get promoted to different ranks, but Stavin does become a magnet for a lot of people wishing him ill.
Could have done with a few more tense moments, as you never felt he was going to be in serious trouble.

Overall, it's a good story and I'll be trying book 2 to see what happens next.