Kill Order / Vendetta

Kill Order / Vendetta - Jack McSporran Introduces Maggie Black, an agent with The Unit, which takes on tasks the government wants to keep hidden.

In Kill Order, Maggie is framed for killing the Mayor of London, and has to discover who is really behind it.
Vendetta is a prequel story, looking in more detail at one of the events mentioned in the first book.

There's nothing unique or original in either story (both are slightly predictable), but they move along at a good pace and there's always something happening.

Bit repetitive in places - whenever Maggie and her boyfriend are about to get down to some "snuggle time", it always tells how she bites his lip, and he moans. (Probably he's trying to tell her to stop biting his lip).

Kill Order was better than Vendetta (in my opinion), due to a wider range of characters on both sides.