The Lost Village

The Lost Village - NEIL SPRING, Neil  Spring Harry Price, investigator of the unknown, and his assistant Sarah Grey, are invited to the abandoned village of Imber to look into supposed hauntings.
I'd heard of Imber in a TV documentary, and that was what made me pick this book up, as it's different to what I normally read.
The timeline of the actual villages desertion is changed for the story, and the events are nicely portrayed in a "show, don't tell" way that adds to the creepy atmosphere, letting you make your own mind up.

There's secrets within secrets and the characters are well written, from the sympathetic, believing nature of Sarah to the cynical view of Harry. Other supporting characters all have their role to play, and the story and dialogue keep moving at a good pace.

This is the second Harry Price novel, but you don't need to have read the first one for anything in here. It makes me want to look for the first one to see where it started.