High Stakes: A Wild Cards Novel

High Stakes: A Wild Cards Novel - George R.R. Martin, Wild Cards Trust This was an impulse buy when I was between books and walked past a book store.
Part of a series where a virus has turned some people into super heroes and others into mutants.
The background/characters are pretty much X-Men/Doom Patrol, but given super swearing powers on top of everything else.

What I didn't know is that the books are written as story arcs, and this was the final installment for this particular arc.

Based on that, the start of the story was confusing as different heroes/mutants popped up with a lot of stuff already going on around them. Once you get used to names then the back story is explained to show how people got to where they are.

When the main part of the story gets going, and you've got a handle of who is who, and what their powers are, then it turns into some Horror from beyond the Stars novel.

As there are multiple characters, all written by different authors and then stuck into some semblance of order by the editors, the story can be a bit choppy in places and differences in writing style are apparent.

Overall it's a fast paced novel with a lot going on, but probably not the best book to read as a starting point to this franchise.